A biography, a history, a small little something.

TJ has been making noise for as long as anyone can remember. Born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, he grew up enjoying and playing music. Absorbing all things entertainment, TJ transitioned from just playing music to recording, tracking, composing, and mixing music semi-professionally; before finishing high-school.
It wasn’t a surprise when he decided to attend Columbia College Chicago’s prestigious audio program where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Art and Acoustics with a dual concentration in Audio Design & Production and Audio for Visual Media. With his newly honed abilities, TJ started a successful recording studio where he worked, practiced, and grew, strengthening his audio skills and affirming his passion for audio art.
Motivated by his sights on post production sound, TJ decided Los Angeles was his next new adventure and challenge. Within his first year of living in Los Angeles, he had worked on two full length independent films and an award winning TV show. Over the years he has since worked with such networks and studios as Warner Bros., SHOWTIME, Lionsgate, and a copious amount of others. Currently, he is a freelance sound designer for television and film.

Looking towards the future, the enthusiasm and drive this young engineer exhibits provides the perfect platform for all opportunities to come!