"The fact that TJ is an incredibly talented sound designer goes without saying - he is fantastic in all areas of post-sound, including music recording and editing, and has been instrumental to my company. The best thing about TJ, though, is his excitement for the project, the ideas he brings, and his eagerness to create art. He's a guy, that once you hire, is going to just become your guy."
-Yuri Baranovsky (Director/Producer)


"In this industry, there are those who are in it for the money, and those who are in it for the art. You want the latter working on your project because they live and breathe their craft. TJ is my go-to guy for post-sound. I've done three projects with him to date, and every time he's exceeded my expectations: Be it with a very fast turnaround, the quality of his work or a clever sound idea to enhance the story of my film."
-Marc Mounier (Director/Producer)


"Finding the right sound design is often an afterthought, when making a film. Working with TJ Jacques, on a few films now, has changed that completely. He works with you during production, making sure you are thinking ahead both technically and creatively. He shepherds you through post, pushing to make the quality the best it can be, so that your film sounds incredible for your audience. He makes sure it is technically and creatively what it needs to be for delivery. He is your go-to audio artist! And, I do mean artist."
- Kevin J. Foxe (Director/Producer)


"As a mixer on a feature documentary film, not only is TJ diligent, efficient, and a master of his craft - but most importantly, he is patient, easy to work with, and incredibly sensitive to the needs of each particular project. A director can't ask for anyone better."
- Phil Furey (Director)


"TJ works Miracles! Everyone said our audio editing for our feature would cost a fortune to fix. TJ not only fixed it for an economical cost, he saved the project! For the best in sound editing and design, TJ is the BEST!"
- David Merritt. (Director/Producer)


"Sound design is it's own art form that can make or break your film. TJ's artistic quality is unmatched. He is a master of his work and I have the pleasure of working with him on almost all of my projects."
- Brandon Heitkamp (Producer)


"Mixing my feature with TJ was a blast! We had a lot of fun, and the product was perfect. Working with an individual versus working with some company is so much easier. Not only in just work-flow, but in getting exactly what you wanted. Can't wait for the next one!"
- Ryan J. Francis (Director)


"I always go to TJ for post sound. He's fun and easy to work with, and I always leave with exactly what I wanted. It's a no brainer."
- Evan Dollard (Producer/Writer)


TJ's Level of professionalism and creativity is unprecedented. He approaches every project with contagious doozy while maintaining an astute specificity, as a result of many years of experience in the industry; however, his greatest strength is undoubtedly's ability to foster team alchemy."
-Chris Sibley (Director/Producer)